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Are You Making The Most From Your Small Spaces?

Are You Making The Most From Your Small Spaces?

How to make the most of your entrances, hallways and nooks

It’s natural to focus on the most used areas of your home. The living room, kitchen and entertaining areas are usually furnished with due care and attention, but what about those forgotten smaller spaces? At British Table and Chairs, we believe that these spaces can be made more welcoming and impressive with the simple addition of a Console Table.

Create a statement hallway

Narrow hallways needn’t be relegated to dead space. Choosing a console table with texture and personality can liven up a hallway and provide an excellent opportunity to display your memories or just to have a place to put those items one only requires when leaving the house. Our versatile and varied console tables can really define a hallway space and provide a functional display and storage area. Position a mirror or some artwork above the table to complete the look.

Set a stylish tone with your entryway

Your entrance introduces the look and feel of your entire interior. It’s a place where guests are welcomed, and where you wave them goodbye. So, give it some love back!

Add a slender console table that takes up minimal space but really packs an interior-design punch with functionality value. Add some beautiful storage baskets, a striking plant, a textured rug and even a vase of greenery, and you’ve just made your entryway more interesting and welcoming.

Add some modern style to a study or reading nook

If you have a space that’s too small to be called a ‘room’, then you might be able to transform it into a lovely nook by introducing an upholstered armchair. Taking up minimal space, an armchair can be perfectly positioned in that little corner of your living room, and styled with some comfy floor cushions, a bookshelf with your favourite novels, and perhaps a side table and interesting lamp.

Our best-selling armchairs blend modern design with relaxed comfort. Upholstered in durable cotton canvas twill, these armchairs are as inviting as they are impactful. Choosing a bright colour can also add variation and liven up many a dark corner.

I am very confident that you shall the perfect item too fill those unloved corners or long and lonely hallways;-))

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