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How To Make Your Living Room More Liveable

How To Make Your Living Room More Liveable

If you’re like us, chances you spend a lot of time in your living room. So, if it’s not working for you, it can be a daily struggle. Too much clutter, too empty, not functional enough for your needs – these are just some of the styling flaws that can take away from the joy of relaxing at home.

If you’re thinking of changing the style of your living room to better fit your lifestyle, here are some things to consider:

Use wall space as well as floor space

To maximise your space and create visual interest, pay attention to your available wall space. An open-shelf Console table fits tight against the wall, which creates additional table space to the side of the room, allowing more room on the main Dining table for the more important goodies when the entire family is around. The Console table is also excellent for showcasing framed pictures, ceramics and plants.

Art Work

Don’t scrimp on the artwork! The right framed print can transform a living room by tying all your other design elements together. Depending on your personal style, correctly chosen prints can set the mood with bold colour, a calming monochrome schematic, or stunning pattern and texture. 

Mix up your shapes

If your living room furniture features lots of straight lines, such as an L-shaped sofa, rectangular bookshelves and entertainment unit, try balancing this look with some curved shapes. A round coffee table and side tables, an organic shaped rug and even a circular ottoman can soften the hard lines and really bring a room together.

Similarly, too many curves in a living room can result in an unbalanced look and feel. Swap out a circular mirror for a rectangular one, opt for a rectangle coffee table, or introduce straight lines with a rectangular console

Play around with texture and pattern

Two of the easiest ways to add warmth and interest to your living room is by adding padded and colourful armchairs. Experiment with different textures, patterns and colours to create a comfortable and welcoming space.

Instantly spruce up your living room by adding cushions to your sofas and occasional chairs. Go for solid colour with an interesting texture or features like hand-frayed edging. Or opt for scatter cushions with a simple stripe that add a classic freshness. The list of looks that can be achieved by mixing different cushions is endless, so get creative!

Different materials are a fantastic way to introduce texture and to your living room. And if they can double up as storage, it’s even better. SIde tables can be used to display decorative features to great effect, and it can also store those remotes and charges that just self multiply. 

Try to be bold and try something different, we think you might be pleasantly surprised and your friends and family will see a new creative side to you. Happy shopping.  

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