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Premium Products

Premium Products

FurnishNook supplies a wide range of furniture designs supplied directly from quality furniture makers and wholesalers alike. Our partners warehouses are based throughout the UK. These Premium Products are manufactured from a selection of over 120 premium and luxury fabric, leg and wood options. Our policy is to provide a risk-free and easy ordering service; deliveries are free of charge for orders over £50. Buying from FurnishNook means buying authentic designed and made goods sourced directly from the maker, created by skilled local craftsmen, using only the most select, premium materials.

Materials most of our partners use in the making of these premium products

Solid Wood is used by almost everyone of our partners in their manufacturing process of our premium furniture. Solid wood is made from a single species of natural wood. It looks natural and beautiful, is durable, and can be stained any colour or style of your choice. Moreover, it's usually repairable if damaged. On the down side, solid wood is expensive and must be cleaned and cared for to prevent splitting or cracking. In general, hardwoods, which are made from trees like maple, oak, and walnut, are more durable than softwoods, which come from coniferous trees such as redwood, pine, or cedar.

We have also decided to increase our range of products which use the best woodworking practices to reduce material cost and wastage, whilst maintaining the strength and integrity of all our products. With this in mind we have sourced additional products from the Soft Wood range to offer better variety from FurnishNook. 

High-quality leather furniture is beautiful, functional, and durable. Leather is divided into grades, according to which layer is used to make it. Our partners focus their designs around Full Grain and Corrected Grain Leather, which are the two top levels of quality in leather standards.

The joining of the wood is also a vital consideration when designing and manufacturing premium quality furniture. With this in mind, all wood joints are crafted with the latest design as well as tried and tested methods like Dovetail or Mortise and Tenon joints ensuring the structure of the furniture is solid and sound. 

Upholstered furniture receives varying degrees of use depending on the type of piece and where it's located. No matter how upholstery is used in your home, it's important that the fabric stands up well to its usual level of use. High Thread Count means more tightly woven the fabric is and the better it will wear. Thread Count refers to the number of threads per square inch of fabric. There are two segments for Fabric, namely Natural and Synthetic. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Natural fabric is more sort after in luxury furniture pieces and our partners are aware of this, so where possible use of  natural fabric is the preferred choice. 

With all this in mind, you can be assured that at FurnishNook, you shall be adding to your home a piece that shall stand the test of time, creating those precious family moments for years to come.